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Want to learn more about hot air ballooing? Look below for information about the history of hot air balloons, about the balloons, about our pilots, and how to prepare for your ride.

About Ballooning

  • Hot Air ballooning began in 1783 in Paris, France.
  • It is the oldest form of aviation.
  • Hot air balloons go with the wind, there is no 'steering' a hot air balloon.
  • Champagne toasts are a tradition started in France and carried to this day

The Balloons

  • The hot air balloons are built in the United States.
  • Hot Air Balloons are inspected annually by FAA certified technicians.
  • Our hot air balloons are the best equipment in the industry.
  • Our vans that take you from the meeting point to the launch field are new Ford 15 passenger vans.
  • We have a hot air balloon to accommodate your size party.

The Pilots

  • Our pilots are FAA certified.
  • Our pilots are all commercial pilots and also instructors.
  • We have over 36 years in the aviation industry.
  • We have never had a safety issue.
  • Our pilots are trained to make sure you have a great flight experience.
  • Our pilots also provide safety training to other hot air balloon pilots.

Prepare for Your Ride

  • Dress for the weather, it is no colder or hotter in the balloon than it is on the ground.
  • Cameras are welcome.
  • Passengers should be in good health. If you are pregnant, wait till the baby comes then take your flight.
  • Children are welcome from the age of 10 and up.
  • If weather does not permit the flight to take place on the day scheduled, it is the passenger's responsibility to reschedule the flight.
  • We fly in East Texas (Longview, Tyler) and Shreveport, or call us if you have somewhere special you want to take off from.
  • Master Card, Visa and American Express Accepted. Sorry, no cash refunds.
  • Call Today to book your adventure: 214-616-4651